Gentle Milk

Gentle Milk
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Produktinformationen "Gentle Milk"
Gentle Milk is a soft, rich, moisturizing milk which effectively removes face and (non-waterproof) eye make up and purifies the skin. It makes the skin softer and more supple thanks to its formula which contains moisturizing and restructuring agents as well as softening fruit extracts. Gentle Milk can be equally used to remove make up on the face, eyes (non-waterproof) and lips. Light, fresh and delicious almond-based fragrance.
Morning and evening, apply Gentle Milk using the fingers, a moistened cotton pad or a make-up removal sponge (Vegetal Sponge) in circular movements, working from the bottom of the face upwards. Wipe off the milk with a dry or moistened cotton pad (using deionised water, Pure Water or Cool Lotion). Finally, apply the Cool Lotion for perfect make up removal. Apply the milk using the fingers or a cotton pad. Remove cleanser with a cotton pad or a moistened natural sponge (with soft water, Pure Water or Cool Lotion). Then apply the Cool Lotion to complete the make-up removal. Use Gentle Milk as beauticians do: put a small amount of lotion into the palm of your hand, then dab onto the face with the fingers and rub the cleansing milk in small circular movements.
200 ml